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Our Services and Offerings

  • Appointment Tracking

    Manage you all appointments from multiple clinics and with multiple consultants from a single page,

    Manage Patient and their treatments throughout whole life.

  • Data Analytics

    Complete medical and financial analytics compassing number of medicine's written, earned by specific treatments,

    allergies of patients to specific medicines, and amount of money

  • Campaign

    Send new information to your Camp/Regular patients via


  • Easier Discovery

    Let patient discover you 20x faster based on name, Clinic and Locaion.

    Our unique SEO optimization helps us get topmost results.

  • EHR (Electronic Health Record)

    Our state of the art, fully customizable and templated EHR writing pad gives you to

    write prescriptions more easily than writing it on the paper.

  • SMS Management

    Send patient sms's for appointment reminders , payment reminders,and

    also for medical reminders

KiviHealth Voice Reminder

No more missed appointments

Ensure the patient gets your message on time.

No more empty slots

Increase your clinic’s productivity by three folds.

No more manual calling

Manage your practice with smart time management.

Interactive voice response

A personalized message with a human touch.

Tailor-made Call Settings

Select from an extensive range of pre-recorded voice calls.

Affordable Pricing

Our Mobile Platform


Manage appointments

Manage appointments of multiple clinics and multiple consultants.

Manage Patients

Add and edit your patient list.

Financial Details

Manage invoice, Billing and payment details of every patient.

Offline Mode Supported

Do necesary task without Internet connectivity.

Patient Full History

View full history of patient at any time.

Multiclinic Support

Manage data of multiple clinic's.

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  • Dr. Rohan Bhatt

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Customized Digital Marketing

Successful clinics recognize that their online presence is their new front door. Our experience demonstrates that if you do not have a compelling and informative presence online, you’re invisible to the prospective patient.
Kivihealth includes -
  • Marketing-smart Facebook pages,
  • Content-rich blog,
  • Informative social media and other marketing tools.